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The box office success of OMG 2 was unquestionable.

The release of Oh My God 2 (OMG 2) on August 11 has slowed down after 11 days in theaters. reports that the movie, which had earned 12.06 crore nett in India on Sunday, collected approximately c$ 3.6 crore on its second Monday. The report further stated that it had made a total of -117.2 crore for all languages in Indian cinema and is expected to make similar cash flow on Tuesday.

The box office success of OMG 2 was unquestionable.

The opening weekend of OMG 2 in India brought in 10.26 crore nett during its first week, and it earned an impressive -85.05 crore at the domestic box office. predicts that the film could earn a minimum of 3.5 crore on Tuesday, pushing its total collection to –120.27 crore net after 12 days in theatres across the country.

What is the story behind OMG 2?

A spiritual sequel to the 2012 film OMG – Oh My God, featuring Pankaj Tripathi, Akshay Kumar, and Yami Gautam, OMM 2 is directed by Amit Rai and explores themes related to teenagers and sexual education.

The adult certificate of Akshay from OMG 2 is available to view.

After the release of OMG 2, the makers released a video last week that showed Akshay visiting ‘interacting’ with the audience at bollywood theatres. He joked about how the film earned an A certificate from CBSC and suggested the movie should be shown in schools.

“Kaisi lagi, ap logo movie? Pehli adult film hai ban ke lilani ki nah?” He asked.

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