Monday, October 2

The Canadian space agency has shared photos of the roads and buildings on the Moon.

A 108 million-year-old rock known as Tycho Crater in the southern hemisphere of the Moon was recently revealed by the Canadian Space Agency. The imprint of this crater left netizens perplexed when they saw roads and buildings surrounding it.

The space agency shared the picture of the crater on social media platform X, which quickly became the subject of a debate about whether the image was genuine or not.

The image post attributed Tycho Crater, located in the southern hemisphere of the Moon, to NASA as being “about 108 million years old,” and explained that an impact crater is created when an object like an asteroid or meteorite meets the surface of a larger solid object such as.

The netizens were most amused by the presence of man-made structures around the crater. The post also contained humorous comments and jokes about the Canadian Space Agency.

What was the fate of trucks and roads on the Moon?

The mistake was made known when it was mistakenly uploaded as a picture of Moon’s Tycho Crater. However, it turned out to be the image of Barringer Meteor Crate located in Arizona, United States, attracting tourists. The Canadian Space Agency removed the post immediately after, but its mistake had already caused dozens of tweets to flood the micro-blogging site.

The Barringer Meteor Crater image was posted by a user on X, who captioned it as ‘Real photo of me on the moon,’ according to Canada’s Space Agency.

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