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The Chilliwack trustee’s resignation is being demanded by protesters who claim that a discriminatory Facebook post led to his dismissal.

A group of concerned citizens gathered last Friday to protest an unsettling Facebook post by a trustee at Chilliwack School.

Teri Westerby, a school trustee for Transgender students in Chilliwack, British Columbia’s School District 33, has expressed no regret after creating an offensive meme that was directed at Christians and those with strong family values.

A group of concerned citizens assembled in the downtown area of Chilliwack on Friday, demanding that more disciplinary measures be taken against one of the district’s latest elected school trustees.

The concerns of small groups align with those of many B.C. residents who have expressed outrage online over the discriminatory meme shared and removed by Teri Westerby, the “first openly trans man” elected from Chilliwack SD33.

In a Barbie-themed meme, characters dressed in bright outfits are steamrolling over frightened unclothed characters who also embody traditional family, sanctity of marriage, and Christian values.

Willow Reichelt, chair of Chilliwack school district 33, has apologized for trustee Teri Westerby’s anti-Christian & traditional family meme.

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Willow Reichelt, the board’s chair who has been notorious for systematically suppressing questions about sexually explicit books in schools and biological males in female spaces, eventually apologized to Westerby on social media.

While the apology offered on behalf of the board did offer some justifications for Westerby’s decision to share a meme that celebrates the destruction of traditional families and Christian values as hateful or violent, it also provided excuses from those who wrongly perceived the elected official’t sharing the meme.

Some individuals felt that the apology was unjust and that Westerby, who frequently denounces hate and bigotry, should resign.

According to Cindy Carpenter, who organized the protest, Westerby has previously made public such posts. She explained to Rebel News that she was responsible for coordinating this protest and also posted another meme mocking Catholicism on Facebook.

Despite not being affiliated with Christianity, Carpenter, a mother of children in Sd33, believes that elected officials who oversee the education of all children within the district and those in the Chilliwack Pride Society should be aware of the importance of treating all students equally, including those belonging to the Christian faith.

Westerby had not made any public statements or apologies about the meme during the protest. The trustee took to Facebook last weekend to express his disbelief that people took the image literally. He had been camping for ten days before making an official comment, but had already removed the photo and used time to remove it.

Teri Westerby, the school trustee for @ChilliwackSD33, has spoken out about the anti-Christian and traditional family values meme that was posted on the trustees Facebook account.

The background story is presented below, and I will post the apology separately.

The trustee expressed remorse for any hurt experienced by citizens and claimed to have received hateful messages and death threats, but did not provide an instance of such behavior to the public.

Rebel News has not received any feedback from the board regarding our reports on the meme, except for Sd33 trustee Heather Maahs who raised concerns before chair Reichelt or Westerby apologized.

The RCMP has not yet given any information on whether they are aware of any death threats being made to the Sd33 trustees after Westerby shared the steamroller meme.

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