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The Daughter of Darkness Quest Guide for Gate 3 at Baldur’s is a must-read.

The story of Shadowheart, the slayer of Gate 3, is one that remains shrouded in mystery. She has been sent on a difficult mission after losing her memories. Although this is all well and good, her story unfolds throughout most of the game, from an innocent mission to resurrecting her past or aiding in fulfilling her mission. To learn more about these missions, check out our guide to the full ‘Daughter of Darkness’ quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What is the method to complete Daughter of Darkness at Baldur’s Gate 3?

The first act of Baldur’s Gate 3 involves obtaining the Daughter of Darkness as your companion quest, and we’ll break it down into parts for you.

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Shadowheart’s quest begins with a straightforward beginning, but it becomes more complex in the second chapter. In Act 1, you’ll learn about her past, her fears, and her mission, depending on how much she opens up to you. The information is listed below and can be accessed from different parts:

Go to the Owlbear Cave and uncover the Gilded Chest, where she performs worship of Shar.

Wait for a mysterious voice to call you and your party will be protected by Shadowheart’s artifact.

Lae’zel may attempt to kill Shadowheart at your camp, but you have the option to prevent it or lose both.

Visit Grymforge to find out that she has intentions of becoming a Dark Justiciar.

The details are the most significant to discover where the story will proceed. If you plan to explore the Shadow-cursed Lands and follow her narrative, keep her close in mind.

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The second and most substantial segment of Daughter of Darkness in Act 2 continues, with Shadowheart serving as the primary protagonist. These key points are:

The Shadow Curse is not defeated by her when she enters the Shadow-cursed Lands.

Take a journey to the Mausoleum and step into the Gauntlet of Shar. Our comprehensive guide will teach you how to do it skillfully.

Complete all trials and search for Nightsong. Shadowheart’s complete devotion to Shar will result in a transformation of her appearance, making her more romantic and giving her reassurance.

These are the tasks that should be completed in the second act of the game. Although you can complete most of this quest, we suggest saving Nightsong to assist Shadowheart in retrieving something valuable to her in completing the last act and thus improving her well-being.

The third chapter of the Daughter of Darkness series.

The conclusion of Daughe of Darkness is located in Act 3’s Lower City area in Baldur’ s Gate 3. To complete Shadowheart’ quest, you must complete the following steps: 1.

Access the House of Grief.

If you enter the Cloister, and kill Nightsong, Shadowheart will take over the throne of Shar’s church and lead Shar forces in the ultimate battle. If You save Nightseeker, then Shadowherit will confront the Mother Superior; or by turning her hand over to the mother Superior: this is your chance to end the Church of Jesus.

After defeating the Mother Superior, enter the Chamber of Loss to find Shadowheart’s parents and discover her true name. You can also use the Mirror of Lost to obtain bonuses.

Is it important to have a specific topic?

The conclusion of Daughter of Darkness in Baldur’s Gate 3 has been completed. We have already listed the important events to advance this quest. If you are new to it, we recommend that you help Shadowheart learn about her past and add some great lore to make sure she becomes one of the best companion missions in the game. At the end, however, your decision is final and you can decide the fate of this Cleric.

The PC version of Baldur’s Gate 3 is now accessible.

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