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The defeat of the No Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha was a significant outcome of Parliament’s no confidence motion.

The Prime Minister’s government faced a no-confidence motion in Parliament for the second time in nine years after the Opposition’d earlier one. The opposition’S no confidence motion against the NDA government was defeated in the Lok Sabha on Thursday, with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi returning to the same session and discussing the ongoing violence in Manipur on Wednesday.

BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi accused the Opposition of not trusting their no-confidence motion, citing non-reliable statements and betraying the country.

After the Opposition walked out of the House, Congress MP K Suresh spoke to the media and accused PM Modi of giving a political speech in which he attacked the Congress.

After the Opposition left the House, Dimple Yadav of the Samajwadi Party spoke to the media and accused Modi of not standing with the people of Manipur.

RJD MP Manoj Jha addressed the media about the presence of comments, jokes, and WhatsApp talks on Manipur during PM Modi’s response to a no-confidence motion.

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi has accused PM Modi of running away from his responsibility after the Opposition’s departure for the Lok Sabha on a no-confidence motion.

Rahul Gandhi told the media that ‘Bharat Mata’ is an unpopular word in India today.

The No Confidence Motion was defeated in the Lok Sabha due to a lack of votes in favor of it.

During a no-confidence motion debate in Lok Sabha, PM Modi stated that Congress is responsible for all issues facing Northeasters.

PM Narendra Modi has questioned whether the opposition in Manipur was responsive to rebel demands and allowed Mahatma Gandhi’s image to be dispersed in government offices. He asks, “Who was there when the National Anthem was removed from schools?”

During a no-confidence motion debate in Lok Sabha, PM Modi expressed his disapproval of Congress’ attempts to understand the feelings of the Northeast. He went to the area 50 times and it is evident that this is not just data but also dedication towards the region.

The Congress leaders, Sonia Gandhi and RahulGandhi, exit the Parliament as the opposition staged a walkout from Lok Sabha during the PM’s speech in the House. Share Via Dixit to 20:30 Local Time: 22:00 PST ET; 02:33 PM-18:00 local time: 04:00 PM

The innocent people of Mizoram were victims of Air Force attacks by Congress during a protest in Lok Sabha on 5 March 1956, according to PM Modi.

“Ye hai loot ki dukan, jhooth ka bazaar” is a response to PM Modi’s criticism of Congress Prime Minister Narendra ModI.

The people of Manipur are rejoicing with PM Modi’s statement, “We are working hard to bring peace to the city and its citizens. We hope that our government will take action soon to restore order and peacefulness.”

PM Modi’s remarks on the issue of Manipur could have been discussed separately if the opposition had expressed a desire to discuss the matter.

PM Modi’s response to the no-confidence motion debate in Lok Sabha has led to opposition leaving, with those who want to speak and cannot listen being expelled.

PM Modi has criticized Congress’s decision to reduce Lanka to 40, citing the “arrogance of people like Lord Ram” and the poor sleep system.

The terrorism that caused the burning of Kashmir is what PM Narendra Modi believes led to India’s surgical strike on terror and lack of faith in the Indian Army.

The opposition alliance, known as the ‘Ghamandia’ alliance in India, has been called out by PM Modi for its disrespect towards the common people.

PM Modi is critical of the Congress party’s ownership, claiming that their ideas, including its poll symbol and flag, have been borrowed from others. Additionally, they have taken away the Gandhi surname for credibility and are fond of using parivarvaad and darbarvaar, while also suppressing the rights of prominent figures like B R Ambedkar, Jagjivan Ram, and Chandra Shekhar in their government plans.

PM Modi’s remark about the INDIA bloc is worth emphasizing to my opposition supporters who performed the UPA lastrite rituals in Bengaluru.

The people of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, UP, and Gujarat have been expressing their lack of confidence in Congress for years.

PM Modi acknowledged that India was on the brink of bankruptcy in 1991, but after 2014, it ranked among the world’s top five economies. However, some people still lack faith in the government due to its arrogance and paranoia.

PM Narendra Modi and his friends at Congress had faith in Pakistan, which was able to reject attacks on their borders and send terrorists into India. However, the latter is now more confident by using false propaganda in global surveys that harm India’s reputation.

The country is expected to be among the top three economies worldwide by 2028 if PM Narendra Modi signs a no-confidence motion.

PM Narendra Modi’s mantra of “reform, perform and transform” has brought the country to new heights.

PM Narendra Modi believes that Congress lacks a clear vision for the future of our country and should investigate ways to achieve its third-largest economy.

The third term of the government will see India’s economy grow to its highest level, with PM Modi being able to secure the third largest economy in the world during his Lok Sabha speech.

PM Modi criticizes the Opposition, stating that India’s third-largest economy will be achieved in three years under a no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha.

Despite criticism from the government about HAL and LIC, the insurance company is currently at its pinnacle.

The Opposition has a hidden power, and those who wish to harm PM Narendra Modi are granted the privilege of being blessed in Lok Sabha.

PM Modi’s remark in Lok Sabha about the opposition’ “good will happen with those who wish bad” turns unsavory insults into tonic phrases.

PM Narendra Modi’s opposition leaders wear black attire in the House, which he views as ‘kaala teeka’ and is seen as an example of using this style to win elections.

In response to a UNICEF report on poverty, PM Narendra Modi announced that “Swachh Bharat” has been implemented to aid impoverished individuals by saving up to50,000 per year. He also cited data from the NITI Aayog and IMF to support his claim that India has almost eradicated extreme poverty through Share Vias (waste).

PM Narendra Modi’s actions in Lok Sabha are aimed at tarnishing our reputation worldwide, but the world is aware of the truth and will not be misled.

PM Narendra Modi’s government was free from corruption, allowing young people to enjoy the high life and bring national pride back.

Share Via: PM Modi in Lok Sabha has given mandate to the prime minister for 2019 after three decades.

Share Via: PM Modi’s response to debate on a no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha highlights the need for country development.

I am unaware of the reason behind Congress’s decision to sideline Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, possibly due to a phone call from Kolkata to PM Modi.

PM Modi’s response to the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha was a disappointment, as it revealed that the opposition had not prepared for debate and missed out on information about the Leader of Opposition.

PM Modi has consistently disappointed the country he is watching, as seen with PM Narendra’s actions towards Share Vias.

PM Modi has been scoring points on treasury benches and not bowling balls from the opposition benches.

PM Narendra Modi believes that opposition parties are more interested in gaining power than building consensus among their constituents.

The need for discussing important bills that prioritize the welfare of people was highlighted by PM Narendra Modi, but he faced opposition from those who were interested in politics.

The No-confidence motion by PM Narendra Modi has been a stroke of luck for us, and it will ensure that we return with resounding mandates.

PM Modi responded to the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha by saying that it was not a floor test for us, clarifying that they were not.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his gratitude to the people of India for their continued support in governing their country.

PM Narendra Modi starts his speech on the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha Share Vias.

Rahul Gandhi, a Congress MP, arrives at Parliament before PM Modi’s statement on Share Via.

Share the live stream of PM Modi’s visit to Lok Sabha as he addresses the no-confidence motion debate.

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