Sunday, September 24

The developers of Lords of the Fallen outline console performance goals and demanding PC specifications.

Lords of the Fallen’s new release is shaping up nicely in terms of detail, but some fans of Soulslike have been curious about its hardware performance since developer Hexworks announced high PC specification specifications without much thought given to target performance.

During a preview event held at Eurogamer last week, executive producer Saul Gascon and creative director Cezar Virtosu provided additional information, including the confirmation that all console versions will come with varying levels of quality and performance mode.

The latest trailer from Lords of the Fallen: a deep-dive experience.

Gascon stressed the importance of having minimum specs, such as Nvidia 10 series, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. They play games with 720p resolution and then adjust it accordingly.

Gascon cautioned that possessing a “super crap GPU” would result in an unfavorable experience, which the team disapproves of. “Yes, you can experiment, but we discourage this.”

“Our minimum specs are also indicative of our lowest quality standards,” he stated.

A minor glitch in environmental readability that players found challenging to locate in a section of Lords of the Fallen, which we encountered during our extensive gameplay and research, was identified as an issue that the Hexworks team plans on fixing.

“The main issue with it is that the FPS is not where you want it to be, even though it’s still playable,” Virtosu stated. “And you might miss our Umbral ladders.”

Gascon reported that the smallest specifications would result in 720p and 30fps.

The minimum specs are 30[fps] and 720[p], but the graphics are decent and play smoothly. If you want 60fpm, you need to upgrade or lower your graphic settings.

“It’s my perception that we’ll be achieving around 45-50fps,” Virtosu stated.

The game for consoles is set to have a quality mode with 720p frame rate and nifty performance mode at 60fps. “Even when you compare the two, the visuals look very similar, making it difficult to identify which version came first.”

We spoke with Virtosu about Lords of the Fallen’s significant inspirations from Soft earlier this year. Additionally, we spent some time playing the game for free during our trial period in March.

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