Friday, September 22

The end call button on iOS 17 will be repositioned, so be prepared for it.

Apple is likely to move the Red End Call Button in iOS from its current location in the iPhone app. Beta versions of iOS 17 are expected to be released this fall, along with the upcoming iPhone 15. The new call interface features a revised design that moves the red button down and to the right, away from the rest of the call controls.

Although technically included with the first developer beta of iOS 17, it wasn’t until this week that the change was widely reported by CNBC and Gizmodo that people began to notice it. To see a comparison between iOS 16 and beta, click here: The call interface is much smoother than its predecessor, not as clean as in previous versions.

A comparison of the call interfaces of iOS 16 and iOS 17 before and after screenshots.Clockwise, Jon Porter / The Verge and so forth.

Apple seems to have adjusted their design to accommodate iOS 17’s Contact Poster feature, which features a picture of the person being called instead of buttons and icons on the phone call interface.

Personally, I think the change is logical, but there are concerns that it may interfere with years of built-in muscle memory and prompt people to hang up FaceTime. However, there is always potential for the design to be altered before iOS 17 becomes out-of- beta later this year, as Apple might fiddle with the redesigned URL bar in Safari during iOS 15 before finally providing an easy way to swap it back if they didn’t like its new location.

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