Wednesday, October 4

The extra time fixture between Spain and Netherlands ended in a 2-1 victory for Spain.

The Spain-Netherlands 2-1 extra time win in the FIFA Women’s World Cup was announced on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

On Thursday, Spain continued their 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign by defeating the Netherlands in the first quarterfinal match at Wellington Regional Stadium in New Zealand.

The Netherlands and Spain were both ranked as the latest World Cup power players, with Spain’s Jennifer Hermoso and Alba Redondo among the favorites for the Golden Boot.

Aitana Bonmat, a 25-year-old player, led Spain as their captain and has securing trophies to prove her worthiness in the competition.

Danille van de Donk, the Netherlands’ star midfielder, was unable to play in the quarterfinals after receiving her second yellow card in their previous two matches. If players received two yellow cards in two different games before this stage, they were automatically disqualified from their team’s next match.


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The final score was 2:20 between Spain and Netherlands.

Spain regains the lead with a score of 111 points!

The tie between Spain and Portugal was broken by Salma Paralluelo, who scored a goal just off the left side of the net.

Salma Paralluelo of Spain scores a goal against Netherlands in 111’11.

The distance between the two is 107 feet.

During the first extra-time period, Lineth Enid Fabienne Beerensteyn slid through traffic and scored a shot for the Netherlands, but it was slightly offside.

We were given more time!

A tie game with a score of 90+1′.

The Netherlands’ Stefanie Van der Gragt made a powerful save on the left side of the pitch as she powered to tie the game.

Stefanie Van der Gragt of Netherlands scores a goal against Spain in 90+1’s.

86′: Not quite.

The Netherlands approached the net, but Catalina Coll caught Lineth Enid Fabienne Beerensteyn’s shot.

Spain secures the penalty with a score of 81′.

After Netherlands defender Stefanie Van der Gragt touched the ball, Maria Francisca Caldentey Oliver scored from the penalty spot, giving Spain a 1-0 lead.

In 81’s match against Netherlands, Maria Francisca Caldentey Oliver of Spain scores a goal.

The entry is still not authorized 73′.

A contested shot from Teresa Abilleira for Spain was saved by Daphne Van Domselaar for the Netherlands.

Is the call made in 64′ a valid one?

Despite Irene Paredes Hernandez appearing to push Lineth Enid Fabienne Beerensteyn, the Netherlands’ attacker, into the back of the net, a VAR review found that there was no penalty.

VAR review results in the annulment of Spain’s penalty vs. the Netherlands.

46′: Whoo-hoo!

Spain’s lead was almost taken just seconds into the second half by Esther Gonzalez.

There was no score in HALFTIME.

Spain had a more dominant game in the first half, with 11 shots (three on goal) while the Netherlands only managed one.

A second near miss: 45 plus 3′.

Spain’s shot went just north of the goal, thanks to Ona Batlle.

Another rejection of 42′ is being heard.

Despite having another shot saved by Esther Gonzalez, the Netherlands’ goalkeeper Daphne Van Domselaar made a remarkable save.

Spain’s 38′ goal was called off.

The first goal for Spain was almost scored by Esther Gonzalez, who was sent offside by Alba Maria Redondo Ferrer after a VAR check.

34′ receives first yellow card.

The first yellow card of the game was given to Oihane Hernandez, a Spain defender.

The event is not happening, which is 34′.

Oihane Hernandez successfully made a shot from the right side for Spain, but the Spaniard’s effort was stopped by Daphne Van Domselaar.

A decent effort on 28′.

Esmee Virginia Brugts’ shot from the left side of the net ended up on the opposite side, but it was still a little wide for the Netherlands.

The gun was seized by the attacker at 22′.

The Netherlands goalkeeper Daphne Van Domselaar prevented Esther Gonzalez from scoring a screaming shot for Spain.

Twice, the post says “no” in response to 17′.

The Spain team was unable to prevent another goal, with Alba Maria Redondo’s header hitting the left post and Aitana Bonmati Conca’ shot going over the post.

Spain scores two goals against the Netherlands in the 17’s, resulting in a double by the Dutch.

The opportunity presented itself as a missed opportunity for 4′.

Spain came close to scoring in the first half, but Esther Gonzalez’s shot went wide on the right.

We’re ready to go!”


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