Friday, September 22

The first-ever redesign of the bestselling accessory will be achieved with “Apple Watch X” on its way out.

For the past few years, the Apple Watch has been subject to a lack of updates on yearly basis, and it appears that this will continue with the release of new wearables next month. However, rumors suggest that there will be re-designations of the device in the near future, as reported by the Bloomberg newsletter.

Apple Watch X, the 10th iteration of the watch, was first announced in 2014 and was released in 2015. To mark the event, Apple is planning “most significant yet” (until now) to release the latest version of their Watch, with the Ultra following closely behind but not being a direct sequel.

It’s not entirely accurate, as yearly updates usually result in only one minor modification, such as an expanded display, a small CPU speed boost, or specialized health tracking features for identifying specific illnesses. Therefore, upgrading once every two or three years is unnecessary, especially when the update is released annually.

Mark Gurman, a reporter for Bloomberg, wrote in his weekly newsletter on Sunday that Apple executives have considered abandoning the annual upgrade cycle for the Watch because each update doesn’t deliver the desired level of attention. However, the cycle is still ongoing, as the next release of the Apple Watch Series 9 is scheduled to come out next month, with only fewer processor speeds and new color options available.


In 2024 or 2025, Apple plans to release a slimmer watch case and supplementary bands for the Series 10 (or Watch X). The current design utilizes ductile metal construction that takes up valuable space that could be used to store more batteries or other essential components. Meanwhile, the company’s designers are exploring ways to magnetically attach bands to the device.

Consumers have been impacted by the ability to use older bands on new Watch models, and this change may cause a significant shift in that regard without the use of specialized devices like magnetic attachments.

The removal of older band support may seem like a drawback, but Gurman claims that the team developing the new Watch models anticipates benefits such as more space for customization or flexibility in the design.

According to reports, Apple is working on a microLED display for upcoming models of the Apple Watch. However, it was not immediately clear whether this would be included in the Watch X or if it will be released later. This could make it one of many new uses for OLED displays that consumers can enjoy.

Gurman suggests that the Watch X could be released in 2024 or 2025, given that it is intended to mark 10 years since the first Apple Watch was announced.

Apple’s annual release cycle and Watch X launch in 2025 may not coincide with the anticipated 10th day of sales as indicated by the Roman numeral Y, but the iPhone x taught us that product names are not necessarily mathematically sound.

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