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The G20 is close to finalizing an agreement for the African Union, but it is anticipated that they will change their name to G21.

The G20 states have moved towards accepting the African Union as a member during the upcoming G-20 summit in New Delhi, according to sources.

The G20 states are negotiating the admission of the AU, which was launched in 2002 and is made up of 55 African countries, as stated by those speaking on the condition of anonymity.

The people stated that it was uncertain whether the AU’s membership process would be finalized at the September 9-10 summit in New Delhi or during the next Brazilian presidency of the G20 in 2024, even if no G10 member vetoed the proposal.

India’s G20 presidency is already a significant accomplishment, as stated.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged G20 counterparts to consider the AU as a full member of the grouping at the June meeting.

The daily Vedomosti was informed by Russian Sherpa Svetlana Lukash that the draft leaders’ declaration contained text about AU’s admission. She also revealed that President Vladimir Putin, who is not attending the G20 Summit, had given his backing to the AF candidature during the Russia-Africa Summit in July.

The 19-country G20 and the European Union (EU) have also lent their support to the proposal of adding the AU. If the latter is included, it is expected to have the same status as the 27-member EU, which is the only regional bloc with full membership of the G-20. Additionally, the admission of this member state will not result in a change in the name ofthe Gx because members are already pro-EU or more “right” than the former.

The EU’s outreach to the Global South will involve a meeting between leaders of EU states that are also part of the G20, including France, Italy, Germany, and the UK.

The meeting is expected to address various issues, including reforms of international institutions and multilateral development banks, infrastructure projects and investments, and resolving regional conflicts in Africa.

The G20’s present members account for roughly 85% of global GDP, over 75% of world trade, and two-thirds of the world’ population. The AU’S inclusion is anticipated to provide African nations with greater leverage in addressing global issues like climate transition, debt restructuring, or sustainable development.

The G20 states’ negotiators carried on with their negotiations to eliminate differences on issues that are impeding the development of a consensus outcome document, particularly in relation to the Ukraine crisis.

Russia and China are still against any document that talks about the conflict. According to an unnamed G7 official, China’s approach appears to be aimed at hindering all proposals from India.

The people announced that a proposal to break free from the Ukraine crisis was presented, which included two separate outcome documents. The proposal focused on economic and developmental issues, while also addressing geopolitical matters such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, it did not receive approval from all G7 states.

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