Sunday, September 24

The Georgia election probe may result in new criminal charges being imposed, according to Trump.

During a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S. on July 29, 2023, Donald Trump, the former U-S President and Republican presidential candidate, is observed as he speaks.

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump stated that he would be facing new criminal charges by next week as an Atlanta prosecutor investigates his efforts to win back his defeat in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

During a campaign rally in New Hampshire, Trump stated that he could face another indictment. He also labeled Fani Willis, the first Black woman to hold the position, as “a young racist in Atlanta.”

Days after pleading not guilty to federal charges in Washington related to his efforts this week to try to overturn President Joe Biden’s win for 2020, Trump made the comments.

The case brought by special counsel Jack Smith is one of three criminal cases currently under investigation against Trump, who is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Trump stated that another was on the horizon.

Trump informed a delighted crowd of supporters in Windham that he would be prepared to file for four indictments by the next week.

In the middle of August, Willis intends to file charges. Her investigation began more than two years ago when it was discovered that Trump had compelled Georgia election officials to locate sufficient votes to overturn Biden’s victory in the Peach State.

Fulton County Superior Court heard last month that Willis could use either of the two grand juries to seek criminal charges related to her election probe.

During his speech on Tuesday, Trump used the same language Willis used to defend himself when he was facing his first impeachment proceedings in 2019, attacking him as someone who wants to charge him with an “absolute perfect phone call.”

“I have every right to challenge the election in Georgia, and that’s exactly what I was saying when I challenged it,” Trump told the crowd.

The comments were made in the midst of an extended tirade about his numerous legal battles, which he alleges are all part of a plot to undermine his chances of winning the presidential election.

Trump stated that the issue at hand is all about interference in elections, before confirming his falsified assertion that his loss in the 2020 election was due to widespread fraud.

He cited a conflict that has already occurred in the D.C. case regarding alleged violations of civil rights laws by federal prosecutors, including obtaining clemency from Trump to reveal some of the evidence collected in their investigation.

Trump’s lawyers have requested a narrower order, but the Department of Justice has refused, arguing that it is an attempt to allow Trump to present his case in the media instead of court. The defense attorneys have asked judicial authorities to delay pending despite their request.

Law professors have cautioned that Trump’s repeated attacks on individuals linked to his criminal cases may result in a gag order against him. This is different from the protective order, which prohibits the improper disclosure of information during the discovery process.

Trump alleged that the protective order was an effort to suppress his freedom of speech. He recounted how he could imagine being asked by the press about his cases and being legally barred from answering.

Trump stated that it would not benefit the electoral process and later reassured that he would continue to discuss the issue, emphasizing that his First Amendment rights are still intact.

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