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The high cost of insurance and long road distance are the challenges that insurers face.

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Jim Vondruska | Reuters Show: On March 31, 2023, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, there is a photo of injector pens used to take the weight loss drug Saxenda.

The Novo Nordisk weight loss drug, Wegovy, has slashed the risk of serious heart problems by 20% in a landmark clinical trial, which may increase the pressure on insurers to cover this and other weight reduction treatments.

Rejecting traditional beliefs about the effectiveness of obesity drugs.

Novo Nordisk’s latest data contradicts the conventional wisdom that obesity drugs are not covered by insurers, which argues that Wegovy and other treatments are simply cosmetic products with no medical benefit.

Debra Tyler’s daughter takes her new medication at home in Killingworth, Conn. Despite being on the effective medication for obesity, her family insurance did not provide coverage, leaving the Tylers to make difficult financial decisions. Joe Buglewicz | The Washington Post | Getty Images

The study, which began almost five years ago, followed more than 17,600 adults with known cardiovascular disease who were overweight or had been obese. It excluded those with a prior history of diabetes. The primary objective was to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, strokes, and deaths caused by these conditions, through acupuncture. Dr. Eduardo Grunvald, medical director of the UC San Diego Health Center for Advanced Weight Management, stated that the new Wegovy data mirrors some of this reduced morbidity and mortality rate in individualsundergoing surgery on an average, while only 22%

High cost of coverage

Due to the expensive costs of treatments that exceed $1,000 per patient per month, UTS has opted to dramatically reduce its drug coverage. The University of Texas System reported that two of its plans now offer coverage for Wegovy, which is an increase from the $5 million cost seen 18 months ago when demand was lower.

George Frey | Reuters

UCSD’s Gunvald acknowledged that the cost of these treatments could be too high for insurance companies, and competition from new drugs in the obesity market could result in lower prices.

Is there a need for additional data?

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