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The highlights of the Colombia vs. Jamaica game are the two teams’ victories, with Colombia winning 1-0 and continuing their dominance over Jamaica.

Colombia emerges victorious in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, beating Jamaica 1-0. The match will be broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit at 6:50 a.m. ET on August 8, 2023.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup continued on Tuesday with a 1-0 victory over Jamaica in the round of 16 at Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Australia.

In the final minutes of the game, Catalina Usme scored the only goal for Colombia after she received a cross. It was also the first and only goals for Jamaica in the tournament.

England will next play Colombia, who beat Nigeria on penalties in a penalty shootout tie for Colombia. The quarterfinal match is set to take place on Saturday.

The key points are presented below.


The highlights of the Colombia vs. Jamaica game?

Jamaica 0: Colombia 1.

The ultimate destination lies at 90′ + 6′.

In the closing stages of the game, Jamaica executed a full press, making Colombia more determined to maintain its lead. Catalina Pérez responded with clemency as she reached the ball on their final cross.

The number of missed opportunities in Colombia is 86.

Following Jamaica’s header, which went wide of the goal, Leicy Santos from Colombia appeared to have scored, but his header missed the post.

Jamaica almost equalized with 82′.

In the 82nd minute, Jamaica was on the verge of breaking free and equalizing the score. Drew Spence’s cross, which was sent to the center of the box, went just wide of where the ball should have been. This helped Colombia maintain their lead and make it count.

Caicedo’s 65 feet are on the verge of giving Colombia a head-on in the game.

Linda Caicedo had the opportunity to move towards the left side of the box, where she could shoot a shot off. However, the shot ended up going high and wide.

A 1-0 lead is now held by Colombia at 51′!

Catalina Usme scored a goal in the 51st minute against Ana Guzmán, setting up another free and giving Colombia 1-0.

Jamaica’s first goal of the tournament was conceded.

A 51’s Catalina Usme of Colombia scores a goal against Jamaica.

The game ended in a scoreless draw at halftime.

Colombia had a few opportunities to score in the first half, but they were able to capitalize on them more often. They managed seven shots in total, with two on goal and four corner kicks. However, Jamaica only managed to get two goals in three games.

Colombia’s miscommunication of 45′ + 2′ almost results in a goal.

Catalina Pérez was unsure whether to step up and get the ball, leaving her in no position before it was cleared out of play for a corner.

The first yellow flag is 41′.

Chantelle Swaby of Jamaica was booked for the first time this afternoon after she pounced on Colombia’s Mayra Ramrez along the sideline while contesting a ball.

She takes it upon herself at the 27′.

The game was tied at one point, but Becky Spencer from Jamaica broke up the first goal by catching a cross from Colombia.

A 13′ is a skillful act.

Caicedo’s magic show began with her dribbling and corner in the corner of the attacking end.

“1′: Moving forward!”

The last day for the round of 16 is now!


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