Sunday, September 24

The Hollywood Reporter.

The method of acting has been a subject of controversy in Hollywood for many years.

By definition, it refers to the technique of an actor attempting to establish emotional connection with a character or role in an acting project. However, this has been polarizing for industry veterans on both sides of the argument.

Lee Strasberg, a director, actor, and acting coach, who is known as the “father of method acting,” was always forthright in his endorsement of the technique. He often proposed that actors should connect their personal experiences with their characters’ real-life experiences.

Conversely, a few actors have voiced distaste or disgust towards the acting style. Brian Cox, who starred in Succession, recently condemned the idea of being obsessed with putting on an acting act. He claimed that his portrayal made him feel like he didn’t possess enough American patriotism to be religious.

No matter which side of the debate is leading, actors are always exploring new techniques, even those that don’t follow the traditional methods. Jennifer Lawrence has admitted to being hesitant about method but has shared her transformations after working with Christian Bale and other actors.

The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of actors and actresses who have utilized the immersive acting method at some point in their careers.

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