Wednesday, October 4

The husband of BJP Leader Sana Khan has been arrested and taken into custody, with police searching for her body.

Sana Khan’s remains have not been found, police said.

According to police, Amit Sahu was arrested on Friday in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, for killing his wife Sana Khan, who went missing ten days prior.

Nagpur Police arrested Amit Sahu and another person from the Ghora Bazar area of Jabalpur, after he admitted to the crime.

The police reported that Sahu disposed of Ms Khan’s body in a river. However, the victim’S body has not been located by authorities.

After visiting Jabalpur, Sana Khan, a resident of Nag pur and member of the BJP minority cell, disappeared. Her family stated that Ms Khan’s last known location on August 1 was in Jablr after leaving Nagpur on t.v. She called her mother the following day to report that she had reached the city but went missing soon after.

The Nagpur police squad that apprehended the two accused has departed for Maharashtra and will be presenting them in a local court today.

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