Friday, September 22

The introduction of multi-account beta by WhatsApp may eliminate the need for parallel apps.

WhatsApp is aiming to make it easy to switch between two accounts, eliminating the need for multiple app apps.

A new beta version of WhatsApp,, has been released, which includes a feature that allows users to add and switch between multiple accounts within the same app.

WABetaInfo reports that the multi-account function was being worked on, but it is now available to beta testers who install the latest version.

Multi-user integration of WhatsApp | Credit: WABetaInfo.

What is the process for making a new account?

The app’s settings allow users to create a new account by clicking on the arrow icon next to the QR code button. The same menu will also allow for the creation of another account, and each account has its own chats, alerts/settings and preferences that remain active until the user logs out.

This feature is particularly useful for people with multiple phone numbers and wants to separate personal and professional conversations by allowing them to manage many accounts on one device, without having to use different devices or run parallel apps. Additionally, users can conveniently switch accounts using the same app on their main device for managing and switching between accounts.

The multi-account feature is already available to some beta testers, but it is expected to be expanded to a wider audience in the coming weeks. Those interested in exploring this feature can join the Google Play Beta Programme and download the latest WhatsApp beta for Android. At present, there is no information on when this will be made available for iOS.

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