Monday, October 2

The IRS whistleblower who is at the center of the Hunter Biden inquiry recorded information. We have compiled them.

The notes are a continuation of the ongoing debate regarding whether the investigation into Shapley’s son has been politically motivated. Weiss has responded to Shappley’s testimony and stated that he was never denied jurisdiction to file charges in any jurisdiction.

Empower Oversight, a non-profit organization led by former agents to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), sent the notes to POLITICO and subsequently sent e-mailed to House Judiciary Committee, which is investigating the Biden family.

Shapley’s notes are the first and only recorded written works from a member of the Oct. 7 meeting that have been made public, and they are also the sole contemporaneous documentation available at this time.

The lawyers’ letter states that Shapley took the notes during the meeting, and some of them are redacted to include information that had not been made public before by the House Ways and Means Committee.

This summer, Shapley, a 14-year tenured IRS supervisory special agent, accused Weiss of not possessing the ultimate authority to make crucial decisions in his criminal investigation of the president’s son. This contradicts Attorney General Garland’S confirmation that Weissen would handle the case as he pleased.

In June, Hunter Biden and his legal team reached a plea deal with the Justice Department that involved him confessing to willfully failing to pay taxes in 2017 and 2018. However, the deal fell apart after he was questioned by prosecutors who raised concerns about it. Prosecutors have stated that they intend to charge BiDEN with tax crimes in California or D.C., but those charges are being considered solely due to political pressure from Republicans, fueled by Shapley and another whistleblower. Shampley testified at the Oct. 7 meeting that

The discussion is reflected in Shapley’s notes.

The notes state that USA CA (U.S. Attorney, California Martin] Estrada) will be responsible for authorizing those charges in that jurisdiction. Weiss had requested to be designated Special Counsel in D.C., but the DOJ refused and recommended following the process.

Garland granted Weiss special counsel status last month. Prosecutors working under him have stated in court filings that they will seek to indict Biden on gun charges before the month ends.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Thomas Sobocinski, an FBI agent who led the team investigating the first son, claimed he did not recall hearing Weiss say his powers were restricted during the Oct. 7 meeting.

The Hill was informed by Sobocinski that he did not take notes during the meeting. According to the transcript, a portion of the conversation in which Weiss was present gave him the power to bring charges within and outside of his jurisdiction.

According to an individual, another FBI agent present at the Oct. 7 meeting testified that she did not recall Weiss saying he was not the person in charge during the decision-making process. The agent’s transcript, obtained by POLITICO, revealed that both she and her co-conspirator left the meeting under the impression that Weissen could bring charges wherever He wanted. She was granted anonymity because she works on sensitive investigations.

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