Wednesday, October 4

The Jadon village disaster in Himachal Pradesh has resulted in the loss of 7 lives and 3 missing individuals, while debris from houses and cowsheds has washed away.

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The destruction caused by the Cloudburst in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, results in fatalities and extensive harm.

The Kandaghat sub-division of Solan experienced a cloudburst that caused the washing away of two houses and destroying landslides, according to reports from Siddhartha Acharya. This event claimed the lives of seven people and resulted in five people being rescued from the aftermath. Road closures have also occurred in Jadon village, but roads have been closed due to widespread damage.

A conductor on a private bus was injured on Sunday when he fell on the tree after it had been uprooted by the storm.

The state emergency operation centre reported that heavy rains have caused the closure of 621 roads for vehicular traffic in the state. Among the districts, Mandi, Shimla, and Bilaspur have 236 closed roads.

National Highway 205 near Bilaspur is blocked by a landfall due to Himachal rains, according to information.

Due to landslides, the Shimla-Kalka National Highway, which connects Shimmam and Kashmir, has been one of the major roads in the region for the past two weeks, causing significant disruptions in transportation. Although reopened on August 8, the road was blocked on august 2 because of a large quake, but only light vehicles were allowed on this route, according so far as the Solan district administration confirmed.

According to Mandi SP Soumya Sambsivan, who visited the Sarkaghat area of Man district, PTI reported that ongoing landslides have caused damage to agricultural land and homes in villages like Ghomu and Jawali.

Hamirpur district has been severely impacted by incessant rains and landslides, with the Beas river and its tributaries being particularly affected. Additionally, various areas of Haimpur have suffered damage to their agricultural land, houses, and infrastructure.

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The Bhakra Beas Management Board has voted to release water from the Pong Dam starting from 8 am today.

Shimla, the state capital, has also experienced landslides that have damaged vehicles and disrupted vital commodity supplies. Two occurrences of these calamities occurred: one at Dudhli in the city’s suburbs, and another near St. Edwards School. Uprooted trees caused a blockage near 103 Tunnel.

The state of Himachal Pradesh has suffered 7,020 crore ($945 million) in losses due to rain-related incidents and road accidents since the monsoon began on June 24.

Heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and lightning are expected to persist in isolated areas until August 17, with a wetter period on August 19 being the next in line.

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