Sunday, September 24

The Luna-25 Moon Mission’s crash resulted in a top Russian scientist being hospitalized for several hours.

The scientist had previously been involved in space ventures for the Soviet Union.

The Luna-25 probe, which was Russia’s first Moon mission in almost 50 years, crashed on the lunar surface during pre-landing maneuvers. A leading physicist and astronomer involved in the mission was quickly hospitalized in Moscow.

The Independent reported that Mikhail Marov, 90, was hospitalized on Saturday due to a sudden decline in his health caused by the mission’s failure.

The astronomer conveyed to RBC and Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper that the setback was so severe that it had a toll on his health.

“I’m under observation, but it’s a challenging situation that makes life extremely difficult,” he told reporters at the nearby Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow.

The scientist had previously worked on space missions for the Soviet Union and referred to the Luna-25 mission as “the pinnacle of my career.”

Mr Marov expressed his regret that the apparatus could not be landed, as it was potentially the final chance to revive the lunar program.

He conveyed to the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper that he desired a thorough investigation into the reasons behind the crash.

Moscow’s Luna-25 initiative, which was part of the Soviet-era Luna programme, aimed to revive its independent lunar exploration in the face of growing isolation from the West. However, Roscosmos confirmed that communication with Luna-24 was lost without warning on Sunday.

Roscosmos stated that the machine moved into an erratic orbit and died after colliding with the Moon’s surface.

Roscosmos also said it would launch a ministerial inquiry into the crash’s causes, and declined to comment on specific technical issues that could have led to the unfortunate event.

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