Monday, October 2

The most extensive Slack update yet to date will incorporate a new DM, Activity section, and other features.

Since Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack in 2021, the messaging app has been under constant scrutiny and transformation. As a result, it has become more chaotic over time, and managing users who are added to multiple workspaces, channels, or DMs can be an increasingly challenging task. Nevertheless, they recognize this and plan to revamp Slaack for good measure by unveiling its biggest redesign yet.

In the near future, the platform will introduce a major overhaul to its app, which will alter its appearance and functionality. The blog post highlights the inclusion of new features, including DMs and an Activity section.

The company’s chief product officer, Noah Weiss of Slack, acknowledged the significant number of people who use the platform every day and believes that the move is aimed at improving productivity and convenience. He explained that this new experience will help teams stay organized, focus on important tasks, and quickly gain access to tools like Skype and FaceTime.

The redesign of Slack is in the works and ready for users to use.

What will the new Slack look like? The blog post outlines four modifications that will likely improve the performance of Slab. The first part of the list is a single view for all important tasks, just like its current setup. In the revamped version, it will be called Home, and it contains direct messages, apps, channels, as well as all channels from every workspace. However, many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the last section, which was difficult to navigate through in the old version.

The next step is to introduce an Activity section that aims to provide users with uninterrupted work and flexibility in managing their collaboration time. This section now offers options for turning off notifications, scheduling messages, and accessing tools such as canvas, workflows, apps, etc. in real-time.

A unified button for all advanced features. Users can now access the entire suite of capabilities within the application, including a new ‘Create’ button to start new messages, channels, canvases and huddles, and an expandable Search feature that allows users to search for specific results without having to jump from one result list to another.

The design is being transformed into a simpler, more enjoyable, and more efficient interface that will enable the most demanding Slack user to collaborate efficiently and quickly.

According to the company, the new Slack design will be made available to all new teams first, and existing users will also be updated to it in the following months.

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