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The Nun II’s domestic weekend box office hit of $32.6 million is a testament to its fearless success.

Despite facing stiff competition from The Equalizer 3 and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, The Nun II has managed to make a domestic weekend box office debut with $32.6 million.

Comscore’s report indicates that The Nun II made an extra $52.7 million internationally and its total global earnings reached $85.3 million.

The Nun II review, which is part of the Conjuring universe and has earned over $2 billion worldwide, acknowledges the increased importance of Taissa Farmiga and Jonas Bloquet’s supernatural abilities in delivering a more intense nightmare that makes use of Valak the Demon Nun for the faith of fans.

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With a domestic haul of $12.1 million, the Equalizer 3 came in second place. Denzel Washington’s latest action flick has earned $61.9 million in North America and $107.7 million worldwide.

In its debut weekend, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 came in third place with $10 million in domestic ticket sales, while Jawan finished fourth in North America with $7.56 million.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 follows the Portokalos family on their journey to Greece for a family reunion, while Jawan explores the lives of men who have an obligation to defend and seek justice from those who wronged them.

Barbie’s eighth weekend in theaters was a success, earning $5.9 million domestically and ranking among the top five. It has made $620.47 million in North America and $1.40 billion worldwide during its theatrical run.

Check out our explanation of the ending and post-credits scene in The Nun II, as well as the director’s scariest scenes from The Conjuring universe and his secret to intense Conjuguating scares.

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