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The Oppo Find N3 may revolutionize foldable smartphones by enabling fast charging.

The foldable smartphone market has experienced significant advancements in recent years, and Samsung’s latest launch showcases the revolutionary hinge technology that allows both the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Fold 5 to fold together without any gaps between them.

The foldable smartphones have undergone significant improvements, including bigger displays, improved performance, and better camera capabilities.

Foldable phone manufacturers have faced a challenge from their competitors: their regular smartphone batteries are not charging as quickly as foldable phones, at least not yet. However, this may be changing.

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Oppo is introducing powerful fast charging technology to the foldables.

A new foldable device called the Oppo Find N3 is being developed by Chinese consumer tech firm Opro, which could potentially revolutionize fast charging in this segment.

A document that was leaked on the internet claims that the new foldable phone can charge up to 100W in a unique manner.

The process of fast charging, which involves manipulating the device’s voltage (V) or amperage, is employed by manufacturers to increase the charging time. (1W = 1V x 1A) is an example of this method.

Many Android device manufacturers have pushed the boundaries of fast-charging capabilities in the non-foldable smartphone market. Some brands even managed to reach up to 240W with their devices, while others only reached 25W and 100W. Unfortunately, foldables are still far from that.

Digital Chat Station has published a regulatory control document, which states that the Oppo Find N3 could have access to ‘a 100W wired charging system’ Digital chat station said:.

Compared to the Oppo Find N2, which has a fast charging capacity of 67W, this device is notably better.

The Oppo Find N3 has a 4,805 milliamp mAh battery, wireless charging capability, triple camera setup, and the potential to provide 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage, all while providing fast charging at 100W.

The device’s launch and specifications have not been confirmed, but there are rumors that Oppo could reveal the new foldable phone in August.

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