Monday, October 2

The Opposition in India has echoed the message of corruption and dynasty appeasement to end India, which was met with PM Modi’s harsh criticism.

The 81st anniversary of the Quit India movement, which was launched by Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian National Congress in 1942 to end British colonial rule in the country, is observed on 9 August. Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to his predecessor during the event and also rebuked those who took part in it. PM Modijin stated that the nation is united in opposing corruption, dynascy, and appeasement to Quito India.

Modi’s apparent attack on the Opposition coincided with the ruling BJP organizing rallies across the country on Wednesday that commemorated “the greats who took part in the Quit India Movement, which played a significant role in freeing India from British colonialism,” according to his tweet on X.

The Prime Minister has urged people to avoid opposition parties as they continue their pursuit of corruption, dynasty and appeasement.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the opposition of engaging in “negative politics” after laying the foundation stone for the redevelopment of 508 railway stations in 27 states and UTs via video conferencing on 6 August. He also stated that the country is now supporting corruption, dynasty, and appeasement to “quit India.” The country has been inspired by the Quit India Movement to quit India, which includes encouraging people to stop their corruption and embrace other evils.

The Congress party acknowledged the August Revolution and identified it as a significant event in the Indian independence movement.

The party tweeted that it was honoring the brave sons of Mother India who took part in the August Revolution, one of the significant events in Indian independence history.

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