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The Picket Line Regulars Bolster Solidarity 100 Days is the name of the campaign for Writers Strike.

The WGA strike’s 100th day is being covered in a series of stories by the editor.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike began on May 2, with scribes wearing sweaters and putting their pencils down in every major studio in Los Angeles. Now, after 100 days since the first day, they are just as determined as they were when they started getting a little more sunburned, given that the country is set to enter one of its most warm summers ever.

Despite the challenges they have faced, the writers continue to show up on the lines. Deadline spoke with numerous regulars, captains and coordinators from different lots, as well as WGA leadership.

On August 1, Goodman expressed gratitude to all those who stood in the picket line, stating that they would not be as strong without them.

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Luvh Rakhe, a member of the WGA negotiating committee, explained at the same picket that the good days on the line help to keep everyone going through tough times.

Rakhe, a writer and executive producer on FX’s popular show Dave, believes that there are times when one feels isolated or lack of social connections, and there may be bad days where they need company until the good news arrives.

“On days like August 1, we can all gather and celebrate our triumph, feeling a sense of belonging and purposeful.”

David Goodman and Luvh Rakhe Rosy Cordero are both actors.

Throughout the week, Santa Sierra, a TV writer who has contributed to Starz’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan and Vida, is reminiscing at different studios. She attributes her regular visits to her work as an inspiration “to get back to it.”

Joe Syracuse warns that being active outside of Netflix can be hazardous for health.

She stated that this is a draining endeavor and not the easiest. However, she believes that by doing so, future writers will have some ground to cover.

Despite feeling tired, Sierra says that she often meets with writers and spends time talking to them. She recently recommended writing a pilot for her, as it allows her to focus on her own ideas.

Santa Sierra captured in a photo at Universal Studios on August 1 with Rosy Cordero.

Adam Conover, a member of the WGA negotiations committee, expressed gratitude to writers and actors who continue to support the guild. This includes Christopher Gorham, Jon Huertas, Ike Barinholtz, Kyra Jones, Kirk A. Moore, Brittney Jeng, and Heather Jend Bladt, among others.

During the 100-day WGA Strike, Obstacles picketers had to overcome obstacles such as pruned trees and blocked sidewalks.

Conover thanked the picketers for their daily presence, noting that they get to know each other and are eager to see them. He also mentioned Jean, a wonderful individual who has been at the Netflix lot every day since SAG-AFTRA’s strike, and it’ll be great to have him on our team even now.

Conover stated that while not seeing daily wins, the addition of SAG-AFTRA made it seem like our victory was unavoidable. It only takes a moment for CEOs to clean themselves, tidy up, and make pact.

Rosy Cordero, Adam Conover.

Jorge Rivera, the Vice Chair of the WGA’s Latinx Writers Committee, and his wife Elena Perez are prominent members of multiple lots and frequently attend diversity committees.

The AMPTP’s actions and the members of our unions’ success have been what keep me motivated, according to Rivera. “The studios are being too short-sighted and trying to make things right when it’d be easier for us to live comfortably while still enjoying sound,” she said.

As the WGA Strike Clocks reach its 100th day, Inside The Shifting Theatrical Release Dates reveals how Studios changed the movie calendar.

He mentioned that the Latinx Writers Committee was one of the first to organize a themed picket during the initial weeks of strike. It was an amazing experience to see our community come together within the community. We will be having another collaboration with SAG-AFTRA, WGAE, and WDAW on August 18th at Warner Bros. This is unprecedented.

‘Queen of the South’ picket at Netflix Rosy Cordero features Jorge Reyes, Elena Perez, and Jorge Rivera.

Rob Forman, who is a lot coordinator at NBCUniversal and currently Co-Chair of the LGBTQ+ Writers Committee, expressed his appreciation for the many people who helped solve the safety issues on Lankershim and Barham.

Forman praised his regulars, noting that they have become a striking family 100 days after their first meeting. He also recognized Saroya Whatley, an associate Writers Guild member and SAG-AFTRA member, for her energetic presence on dreary days who helped lift everyone’s spirits. They organized eponymous Barbenheimer picket on July 20 to honor her spirit.

Bob Iger’s efforts to end the “quickly” deal have caused controversy as the WGA strike hit its 100th day, leaving Disney CEO emotionally invested.

He stated that he was grateful to have found acquaintances who were knowledgeable about the situation and would be willing to share any information they had.

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