Wednesday, October 4

The picture of Sunny Deol, Esha Deli, Bobby, and Ahana sharing a moment with each other during the Gadar 2 premiere captures Dharmendra’s expression of gratitude for their collective presence.

The Deols are eagerly anticipating the release of Gadar 2, a movie featuring Sunny DeOll.

The Deols are in a festive mood after the release of Gadar 2, the latest movie from Sunny DeOl, on August 11, which received an extraordinary response from all over. Dharmendra, the senior deoling, took to Twitter to express her appreciation for the feedback.

Bobby Deol, who had previously expressed his best wishes for his brother’s movie, shared a video of the film’ success with his younger son, Rajveer DeOl.

A video was posted by Dharmendra showing a group of people dancing to the Gadar 2 song while the post-credits replayed on television, and it read, “Love you all for your good wishes…”

On August 13, 2023, Dharmendra Deol expressed his gratitude for the positive response to Gadar 2. His father, Bobby DeOl, was present at the event, and shared a clip from the Housefull theater.

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