Sunday, September 24

The second day of Bholaa Shankar’s box office success is marked by a shortage of seats.

Chiranjeevi’s latest film, Bholaa Shankar, directed by Meher Ramesh, was released on August 11th and has had a disappointing opening at the box office.

The film’s first day of worldwide distribution garnered 33 crores, as per the makers. However, the second day results were disappointing and the movie is expected to perform poorly.

The lack of full HD footage in the morning and afternoon shows of Sandhya 70 MM in RTC X Roads was a surprising surprise. It’s not common for CG films to have such high-quality content on the second day of their release, especially when Chiranjeevi is involved in multiple projects.

The film is being heavily censored by Meher Ramesh and Bholaa Shankar is facing harsh criticism. It’s up to the filmmakers to see how much money the movie will earn in its first weekend.

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