Monday, October 2

The spam problem on Apple TV+ is not as severe as the excellent content it provides.

Apple TV+, which has been available for almost four years, started with a few original shows and was part of an overall effort by the company to prioritize services as its primary revenue stream. The company recognized that it couldn’t depend on the iPhone to sustain itself for another decade, and services could be the answer.

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Apple continued to develop and launch new services in the years that followed, such as iCloud+, Apple Music, TV+ by Apple, Arcade, News+. Additionally, the company launched financial initiatives and enhanced its streaming capabilities with several additional features. Although Apple TVplus was initially free for a year, significant changes have occurred since then, and the service is now being offered as part of the Apple One bundle or as an experimental trial for those who haven’t used the streaming service.

Apple TV+ shows are highly rated by the public and have received numerous awards, thanks to original programming from notable figures like The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, Severance, CODA, and others. Despite being an Apple loyalist, I’m starting to wonder if Apple is following up with Amazon’s strategy, which doesn’t seem appealing to me.

The Office on Amazon Prime Video requires you to watch a preview of another Prime TV show before watching it. Additionally, Prime video may skip the intro and provide hints for future episodes. I don’t like having to click away several times on the remote just to get into the movie I want to see.

Apple has been following the same trajectory as its major shows, including Ted Lasso, For All the Mankind, and Foundation, by making it clear that I must skip the commercials for each one before watching the new episode.

Apple TV+ is showing me a new episode, the interface of the TV app displays information about what shows and movies on the platform. However, I’m not sure why it bothers me when I try to watch the latest episode of whichever show I had waited two years for.

Apple can promote TV+ on social media, with content creators, in its newsroom, or even in digital out-of-home experiences, but I find it bothersome to have to watch a series of trailers and ads and recaps before the episode starts.

I’m not going to cancel my subscription, but at least I have the option to watch the last episode of And Just Like That… on Max or a new episode from Stranger Things on Netflix instead of waiting until the next big show is released on Apple TV+.

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