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The system underwent a complete overhaul and is now available as One UI 6 Open Beta.

Key Takeaways One UI 6 introduces new notifications, quick settings, and media player interface.

The settings menu has undergone a redesign as well.

The lock screen can now be customized with new options, such as changing its clock position and accessing new fonts and stylings. The update also includes a camera widget that can be personalized and new capture modes are available.

With Android 14 just around the corner, Samsung’s devices have been unable to take advantage of One UI 6 on their current flagship models. This change is making it more accessible for people with other devices, such as Google Pixels.

If you have an eligible device, you can enroll in the One UI 6 open beta program by going to the Samsung Members app. Once you’ve found the first screen, click on the enroll button and wait for it to show up again. After a few minutes, simply go to your device settings > software update section and choose “check for updates” to download the open version. It may not be available in your country at this time, either. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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The sixth version of One UI includes new features and updates.

New notifications, quick settings, and media player.

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The user interface of One UI 6 is quite redesigned, with some influence from MIUI, such as the use of bubbly elements and rounded corners. Notifications are made to reflect each change, while the quick settings panel is improved.

The new media player is my favorite feature that showcases the album cover of the music in full view, making it more aesthetically pleasing and more in line with Google’s Material Design language.

Modified settings

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The settings menu has undergone a redesign to better suit the overall user interface, with some functional options now displayed on the left-hand side. Additionally, the battery menu is moved from the “device care” section to its current location next to the display settings.

The lock screen can be customised according to individual preferences.

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The lock screen now offers new font options and stylings, as well as the ability to change the clock’s position. This was previously possible with a Good Lock module, but it is not available globally.

New capture modes and a personalized camera widget.

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Adding a custom camera widget to your home screen will launch your camera with pre-applied settings. This is useful for those who frequently shoot in pro mode on the back camera, but there are many other options available.

New camera capture modes are designed to reduce processing time, resulting in faster photos but lower quality. Additionally, there are new alignment options for watermarks.

An automatic blocking system is in place.

Samsung’s One UI 6 features Auto Blocker, a unique solution to an OEM feature that is not commonly used by other manufacturers. Although it’ll turn off the default settings in the first open beta, it does have limitations on its capabilities, such as blocking app downloads from unauthorized stores, security checks for apps, and the ability to block commands via USB cable. The specific commands mentioned are unclear.

Tracker notifications that are not publicized.

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Tracker applications, such as AirTags and Tiles, are not uncommon. Companies have been working to combat this trend. One UI 6 includes tracker alerts that alert you to the presence of tracking devices. Once detected, it can determine your actions and help you understand your options.

This feature was created by Google and is present in both Android 14 and Google Pixels.

The improvements in One UI 6 are noteworthy.

One UI 6 is an impressive improvement over One User Interface 5, with great visual design. However, this is only the first open beta release and while it may not be completely bug-free, it still presents some issues that I’ve experienced in previous releases. Despite this, its delayed nature (released after two retractions) makes it unsurprising.

You can try out the beta by logging in to the Samsung Members app. Just be careful with your data and make sure you back it up because this is vulnerable to bugs, we don’t recommend using this as your daily driver either, but there’s no harm in trying it at all.

Currently, One UI 6 is shaping up as one of the more substantial updates that users can expect to see on their Samsung devices in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information about new features and other changes!

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