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The third component of the 2023 Roadmap.

The defenders of Arkesia,

Joining our team for the first video update is the third and final section of the 2023 roadmap, which outlines the major content pieces that will arrive in Arkesia over the rest of this year.

While the content of the roadmap is a result of our players’ eager anticipation for future updates, it is not based entirely on predicting the specific changes that Arkesia will bring to their world each month. As time passes and more details become clear, we will be sharing additional information about quality of life updates like balance tuning, special events, and other significant monthly announcements. Our website and social media channels will keep you updated on any new content, as well as important updates such as cosmetics, balance adjustments, events including bug fixes, etc.

Below is the standard written itinerary.

Reports on August’s developments.

Prior to exploring the upcoming plans for September through December 2023, we will be introducing additional changes in the August Update that players can experience. The full release notes will follow shortly before the update is released.

Adjustments made to daily activities.

The Chaos Dungeons Modifications.

The primary objective of Chaos Dungeons is to enhance the gameplay experience within the dungeon. Fatigue in Chaos DungeONS cannot be resolved by decreasing the number of encounters, and players will feel less tired after playing them for a longer period of time.

Our initial phase of the Chaos Dungeons project involves elevating rewards like cards, higher-level gems, and silver, as well as modifying enemy AI to decrease the duration of playing a single dungeon by around 25%.

We are listening to the feedback of players and in-game data, so we will continue to work with Smilegate RPG on further improvements.

Guardian Raids.

The reward system for Guardian Raids will increase, with only one raid per day.

Increased Flexibility in Cards.

We know that many people are hesitant to play with new players due to content fatigue. To improve this, we’ll aim to increase the base supply of cards. In addition to increasing the supply in Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, our plan is to augment other sources of supply, such as changing the frequency of Wandering Vendors.


The Jump-Start Servers

We’re really excited to roll out the Jump-Start servers.’ It will provide a ‘fresh start’ for new or returning players who are keen to try playing Lost Ark again, and we ran focus groups over the course of the year gathering feedback mechanisms on what might have stopped them coming back to this game: Gatekeepers, bots and the grind.

The game has many elements that require additional players to complete. By bringing together a large number of Jump Starters at once, we anticipate that the early and midgame will be more lively, as well as reduce the need for gate keeping in raid lobbies. We also recognize that initial launch was harrowing, faced obstacles with the development of enigmatic characters, Bots, and stability issues.

A server is available in every region, granting players South Vern passes that enable them to jump directly up to Item Level 1415. Jump-Start servers will be separated from existing servers/regions and equipped with independent matchmaking, party finder, marketplace, and auction house, which means they can restart their game without any additional resources. Players on Jump Start Servers will receive materials that provide faster vertical and horizontal progression, including honing materials, card packs, plus the Super Mokoko Express event that starts on all servers in August 2015, helping push for jumping off at I

More details to come as we prepare for the September Update.

Season 1 and 2 of Yoz’s Jar.

The latest consumable to be introduced is Yoz’s Jar, which includes a selection of Epic and Legendary skins. If you have unused or unfavorable skin from Yog’S Jar that you can break down for “Cloth,” which can be used to roll arbitrary new skin combinations in the same Jar. Additionally, there will be monthly discounted packs of Cloth and Jars, where players can choose from those that are no longer tradable but purchased by Royal Crystals (which cannot be broken down) and only use them for remaining Skins instead of Gem

With the new cosmetic system, players can obtain Legendary skins for a nominal fee, which offer more advantages than Epic skin. If you prefer supplementary skin options with higher bonuses, you can choose to override the chosen one.

When an Epic skin is created, the Yoz’s Jar system will now contain 1,000 Amethyst Shards. In addition, we plan to update our Shop with new items like Silver and Dawn skins, as well as reagents for players to use in their own designs. The Dawn Skins will be available for Slayer, Artist, and Aeromancer, while the Amenthus Shop will remain unchanged once a year.

We wanted to make sure we had the right Legendary Skins for each game. That said, we heard you guys wanted access to the Legendaries skins as they were in the Korean version. The addition of Yoz’s Jar was a great success because we worked closely with the Smilegate RPG team to ensure that every drop felt powerful and enjoyable when pulled, regardless of whether you got ripped off one or not.

The Affection Rapport Ranks

The players of Arkesia have developed strong bonds with Thirain and Nineveh, and now the game offers an opportunity to further develop these bonds.

The royal ball is quickly approaching, but Thirain is already consumed with work and facing difficulties that he cannot handle.

Arkesia’s Nineveh is a constant source of happiness and support, but her animal companions have organized reassurance. However, she eventually succumbs to unforeseen circumstances due to the presence of cynical forces. It appears that there are more than just smiles and stories left behind by those who love them.

The Primal Island Battle Royale is a real-life simulation.

You must head to Primal Island and engage in a battle royale-style campaign that involves fighting, looting, and survival as you face off against fierce dinosaurs. The arena is only available to players who are at level 1490 or above, but your skills and stats won’t be enough to convince you to upgrade.

What is the significance of Ark Pass?

The upcoming Ark Pass season will feature free levels for all players, as well as premium tracks that come with additional rewards and cosmetics.

The month of October.?


Players who are at level 1475 or above can now explore the beautiful Pleccia continent, which boasts breathtaking views of Plechia Port and Prehilia Prairie. They can also interact with unique NPCs like the Vediches and Yoz illusionists. The story starts in Luterra and involves solving mysteries related to Sacria and its inhabitants. After finishing the game, players can search for a unique collection of collectible items to obtain special rewards while exploring hidden achievements.

Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid.

The latest edition of the Trial Guardian Raid is back! Compete against Caliligos, the master of lightning, in a unique tournament that features the first clear in the area and the fastest clear time! Earn new titles to showcase your achievements if you’re winning.


Souleater’s Advanced Class performance is a must-see for music enthusiasts.

There is no agreement on the localization of the identity meters, skills, or class engravings, and their names may be subject to change.

The Master of Specters, Souleater, is an Assassin subclass who uses a massive scythe to gather her enemies’ souls. She can attack in three ways: directly with the axe, by summoning the dead, or by turning into reincarnation.

Souleater’s class identity is ‘Reaper Mode’, which means she becomes a powerful reaper after the Soul Stones identity gauge is filled. She also has essentially two identities meters, one for Soulstones and the other for Possession.

The Class Engravings:.

The Soul Stones at Full Moon can be repleted quickly to speed up the progression of Reaper Mode and cause significant damage in a short time. This engraving is ideal for players who aim to land powerful strikes with high numbers while playing the Souleater.

Dark Moon – is an engraving that does not use Reaper Mode, but rather uses the identity meter to enhance existing skills. It offers a faster and more agile combat experience than its counterpart.

Progression Events.

Souleater class players can now upgrade their classes through upcoming progression events, which include an Express event and free Powerpass upgrades.



The continent of Voldis, which has an entrance Level of 1520 and above, is known for its sages and alchemists. It is also home to Kalinar, a picturesque city with stunning views and Homunculi running their errands nearby.

The Great Rainforest is located on the opposite side of the city, and it is home to a vast expanse of trees. It also contains many mysteries and formidable beasts hidden in the shadows. Players can receive help from the Raiyas, who are part of this forest, to access the final chapter. They can also complete their Adventurer’s Tome at the end of that story and engage in completing supplementary epilogue quests after the story ends.

The Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon features a hidden chamber.

The Ivory Tower, a new Abyssal Dungeon in the Kingdom of Voldis, has 4 gates and an entrance level of 1600 for Normal difficulty, and 1620 for Hard Mode. It offers rewards such as Honing Materials (Refined Protection Stone, RefineDome Removal Stone), Honor Shards, Radiant Honor Leapstones or HonorShadows), Gold, special hidden rewards, along with the new Elixir system.


The addition of lixirs to players’ gear will greatly enhance their combat abilities. They can use them as Epic elixisres in the Normal mode or as Legendary emistrides in Hard mode, and once obtained, they can be imbued onto a player’s gear through refinement and imprinting.

‘Ductility Catalyst’ is the required achievement to refine an Elixir, and it can be obtained through Wandering Merchant in Voldis.

Both Gold and Catalyst are necessary during the refining process. Players have a specific number of tries for each type of refitting (Epic has 11 ties while Legendary has 14), and players can choose from the three Sages of the Tower’s advice to achieve the best outcome. They must think carefully and use their advice carefully, as this requires them to understand the system’ll be difficult in the end.

If specific conditions are met, players can aim for significant Set bonuses. The refining process is unlike any other experience in Lost Ark – it necessitates a combination of luck and rationality to plan ahead with optimal results.

After finishing the refinement of an Elixir, players can attach it to their equipment and receive bonus effects. The bonuses are divided into three categories: offensive, defensive, and utility. Each EliXiR can be customized with up to five abilities, but it must refine two of them. Consequently, there will be 10 abilities after refining. However, the equipment cannot contain any special abilities.

What is the significance of Ark Pass?

The upcoming Ark Pass season will feature free levels for all players, as well as premium tracks that come with additional rewards and cosmetics.

Looking ahead.

Our team is excited to see players take part in exclusive events, explore new areas of Arkesia, participate in PvP events and brave new experiences, as well as look forward to exciting new dungeons and raids. Meanwhile, we keep you posted on our website, social media channels, and the release notes for the latest news on new content, events happening soon, bug fixes, etc.

Go to YouTube and share your feedback on the video segment of the Roadmap, as well as your opinion on its potential for advancement.

We look forward to meeting you in Arkesia!

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