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The View’ presenters denounce Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce as scandalous.

The View hosts are expressing their disapproval of the media’s “spin” on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’ divorce, citing sexism.

Jonas, aged 34, and Turner, who is 27 years old, have declared their separation after being married for four years. Joy Behar noted that the media has been heavily reporting the split, as Turner reportedly attends parties and enjoys spending time with her siblings while Jonains is touring the country with his brothers and taking care of their children.

She inquired to her co-hosts, “Is it sexist to claim that she’s having fun and he’ll be a great dad by taking the kids?”

Sara Haines responded that she is unsure about the current situation between them. “She and her colleague are not in a relationship, but they met through work experiences.”

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, the hosts of ‘The View’, are presented by Lou Rocco/ABC and Kevin Mazur/WireImage.

The notion that Jonas deserves recognition for raising his two children was not well-received by Sunny Hostin. She questioned whether her son’s care was due to an immaculate conception or if it was just a facade. “They’re obviously freaking out kids, right? Can they be awarded trophies?”

The recent outings of the Game of Thrones actress were defended by her, who was also quick to note that Turner is only 27 years old.

According to Hostin, many of her friends advised against getting married in their 20s due to the high number of social events and romantic relationships. She also mentioned that a woman who had conceived two children before turning 26 needed an extravaganza.

The split between the pair has caused some innuendo and subtle hints of sexism, according to Alyssa Farah Griffin. She believes that there is more to the situation than just being emotionally affected by it.

According to Ana Navarro, Jonas filed for divorce after rumorized that he saw or heard Turner engaging in sexual activity with the driver of Amazon.

“Griffip, these two are colossal and dearly loved, they are good friends. Sophie, I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the children involved, but I don’t want to share what is being leaked in the media because these kids will eventually read it.”

During the publicity storm, Jonas was accused by Navarro of calling the paparazzi on himself. She pointed out that there was a photo of him with Xeno and Nicola this morning. “There’s an interesting spin going on here, which I can’t grasp because there wasn’,” she said.

The segment was concluded by Behar, who stressed the need for the children of the couple to remain in their homes rather than spending time with their father. “They require a separate home,” she declared.

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