Wednesday, October 4

The WGA and SAG-AFTRA attacks have avenged Drew Barrymore’s return on the Talk Show.

In light of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA protests, Drew Barrymore is stepping down from her daytime talk show. Earlier this year, she walked away from MTV Movie & TV Awards to support the writers.

Barrymore stated on Instagram that she opted to leave the MTV, film and television awards because it conflicted with the strike’s focus on studios, streamers, movie production, and TV. She also chose to show her support for the writers during the first week of the action.

She stated, “Our talk show was on April 20th and we never had to cancel it. However, I am now returning for the first time in this controversy, even though it may include my name, but nobody is limited to me.”

The Drew Barrymore Show Season 4, which begins airing on Monday, September 18, will be in compliance with SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike rules, according to Barrymor.

“I am in charge of this. We are steadfast in our decision to not discuss or endorse any film or television that is affected by it.” She went on: “We began broadcasting in the middle of an international pandemic. Our show was designed for high-pressure scenarios and has only worked in real life situations.” Hannity, her husband, also made comments about climate change during her time in Israel.

Barrymore expressed his desire to be present and share the same writers who are able to unite us and help us understand the human experience. He also hoped that everyone would come out on top, as we have experienced difficult times since our initial appearance. As a result, he is looking forward to starting season 4 with shrewdness.

The daytime talk show’s creator, CBS Media Ventures, stated in a statement to Deadline that the Drew Barrymore Show would not be participating in any writing related to the WGA strike.

WGAE will picket the show on Monday, September 11, and tapings for the new season will begin in New York. The list of guests for its first week has not been announced yet.

The Drew Barrymore Show, a WGA-covered show, has decided to return without its writers after the May 2nd strike, according to WGAE.

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