Wednesday, October 4

Thunder Over Michigan air show witnessed a plane crash, while two individuals were parachuted from the jet.

The Michigan air show ended with a jet crash after two pilots attempted to eject.

The Thunder Over Michigan air show on Sunday saw a small jet crash after both occupants ejected, with no apparent injuries to the two people in the plane.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, two occupants of an MiG-23 fighter jet parachuted south of Willow Run Airport and landed in Belleville Lake. The plane’s crew was receiving medical attention at a nearby hospital for minor injuries, as reported by Van Buren Township supervisor Kevin McNamara.

The Wayne County Airport Authority stated that the plane crashed into the parking lot of an apartment complex in Belleville, causing it to hit empty vehicles.

The authority stated that the pilot and passenger had successfully ejected from the plane before the crash. Although it did not appear to be seriously injured, first responders took them to a local hospital as if they were in danger.

According to McNamara, there were no individuals on the ground who sustained any injuries.

The show was canceled on Facebook due to the crash, as reported by Thunder Over Michigan, which celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The Thunder Over Michigan Air Show on Aug. 13, 2023, was marred by smoke and fire after a plane crashed.

Videos showed flame and smoke billowing into the sky, with some videos showing pilot and another person parachuting out of the plane.

The reason behind the ejections and collision was not immediately evident.

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