Wednesday, October 4

Two men surrender after a fight along the Montgomery riverfront, police say.

Authorities reported that two suspects who were charged with misdemeanor assault, surrendered to police on Wednesday after a white men attacked he Black dockworker in ‘a brawl on the Montgomery riverfront’.

According to a statement from the Montgomery Police Department on Wednesday night, Allen Todd, 23, and Zachary Shipman, 25, turned themselves in and are facing charges of third-degree assault.

Officials anticipated that the men would turn themselves in a day earlier. On Tuesday, Montgomery Police Chief Darryl J. Albert stated that they were expected to surrender in the afternoon.

Richard Roberts, aged 48, was already in custody as a third suspect.

Earlier Wednesday, Todd and Shipman, along with their immediate family members, were unresponsive during their attempts to contact them.

It was not immediately evident whether they have lawyers.

Witnesses claim that a massive fight broke out on the riverfront in Montgomery, Ala. on Saturday, motivated by both alcohol and adrenaline.

According to Albert, the police are likely to file additional charges in relation to the incident, but hate crime charges are not anticipated.

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed told MSNBC on Wednesday morning that officials are closely examining all aspects of the case, including claims that racial slurs were used in the incident.

Reed stated that it was a problem to witness something like this happening in our city.

As the Harriott II Riverboat approached, white private boaters attacked Damien Pickett, a Black dockworker, who was trying to move his pontoon. The captain and passenger on the vessel waited for over half an hour before moving their ship, which was met with applause from police.

A white dockworker who was 15 years old and worked in the fishing industry is facing charges from his family members who claim that he was attacked by white boaters while operating a nearby vessel.

Following the incident, videos of the brawl went viral, with social media users expressing concern that the individuals involved appeared to be divided by their race.

According to the police chief, 13 individuals were apprehended, interrogated, and let go of in a final determination, with the involvement of the local FBI and district attorney’s offices in the investigation.

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