Monday, October 2

Two others were arrested for harassing a 1st year student from Jadavpur who fell off the balcony.

Kolkata Police have arrested two more students in connection with the death of a first-year student on Jadavpur University campus who was reportedly ragged. According to sources, the two students were present at the scene when the rape took place.

Police sources have disclosed that Sourav Chowdhury, a former student of Jadavpur University, was subjected to the harassment of Swapnodeep Kundu by him.

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The arrested individuals are identified as Deepsekhar Dutta (19) and Manotosh Ghosh (20).

A senior official revealed that Deepshekhar and Manotosh, who were apprehended for mentally pressurizing the deceased student Swapnadeep Kundu, were directly involved in his alleged mental harassment.

The main hostel where Swapnodeep Kundu died is the place where he lived, and both are second-year Economics students Deepsekhar and Sociology students Ghosh from Jadavpur University.

Kolkata police has arrested three individuals, including two University students and a former student, as part of an ongoing investigation overseen by the highest level of our officers. Joint CP (crime) personally examined the students from university authorities, while DCP(SSD) visited the scene and Jadavpur police station. Our officers from the Homicide section of the detective department are also involved in the investigation and we have established ‘a post-mortem board with the help of FSL,’ according to India Today.

The deceased was found naked after falling from the balcony. He declared repeatedly that he was not gay before his death.

Sourav Chowdhury was arrested by police on Friday, and according to the same statement, officers called in another 12 students and hostel residents on Saturday morning and spent the entire night questioning them.

A senior police official stated that Sourav Chowdhury admitted to being involved in the ragging incident that led to the tragedy.

According to police sources, Kundu was instructed by the three accused to shave his chair “in a specific manner” after being briefed by them. Swapnodeep was then taken to an area of A-2 block where they asked for some personal details during the introduction given to his peers.

A student who witnessed the entire incident attempted to rescue Swapnodeep from the balcony. The student tried to hold his hand but couldn’t do anything to save him.

Sources claim that Swapnodeep was required to introduce himself to the seniors in his hostel twice within a span of three days.

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