Monday, October 2

Valve is reportedly considering selling Steam Decks that have been refurbished, as per a recent leak.

The Steam Database contained leaked information that suggested Valve may be selling refurbished Steam Decks soon, but the storefront was later removed from the site.

The “Certified Refurbished” listings contained the three existing Steam Deck models, which are 64GB, 256GB and 512GB respectively. It was revealed by Steam DB creator Pavel Djundik that the pricing for each model could have been more reasonable.

The cost of a Certified Refurbished Steam Deck for 64 GB is $319.

A Certified Refurbished Steam Deck with 256 GB is available for $419.

The cost of a Certified Refurbished Steam Deck with 512 GB is $519.

According to PC Gamer, the current listings were as recent as August 7, 2023, but they were removed by August 8. The store names were quickly changed to the more generic “Unknown App,” and the descriptions were deleted.

The refurbished prices were not final, but they still corresponded to the prices during the Steam Deck’s first-ever sale. This implies that Valve may choose not to pursue the reconditioned option, although there is a high chance they might in the future.

Valve should give this opportunity serious consideration.

The Steam Deck has been a huge success for Valve, prompting the consideration of releasing XBOX. However, it is still an expensive device that may not be suitable for those seeking cheapest portable options. Selling used or refurbished versions of this product would be advisable, as it has gained popularity in the gaming industry over the years.

Due to its partnership with iFixit, Valve could easily repair Steam Decks as most of the equipment had already been made available for purchase. This partnership also likely reduced the cost of repairs, making the first-party refurbishing market profitable.

The possibility of refurbished Decks being covered by a warranty may raise concerns, but Valve would likely have one since they offer it through reputable third-party vendors.

Valve must take this option seriously as it could result in third-party sellers committing to themselves and missing out on significant profits if they don’t invest in the market.

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