Monday, October 2

Vande Bharat’s passenger displays a smoke alarm in the toilet while lighting up cigarette in their restroom, leading to panic.

A false fire alarm was triggered on Wednesday evening when a ticketless passenger lit cigarette in ill-fitting toilet on the train carriage, which caused the incident.

According to PTI, railway officials stated that an unauthorized passenger boarded Train No. 20702 on Vande Bharat’s coach C-13 and concealed their smoking habit in the toilet, prompting the installation of an aerosol fire extinguisher inside the compartment after a false fire alarm was heard. The passengers panicked and relayeted information to the train guard through an emergency phone connection inside this coach, which ultimately caused the incident to be stopped at Manubolu around 5 pm according to official records.

The Railway police mistakenly believed the false alarm was triggered by fire and proceeded to rescue the passenger who was smoking inside the coach by using a fire extinguisher and breaking the window.

The railway police apprehended him at Nellore for appropriate action, as stated by the official, while the train was returning later.

The Vande Bharat trains were subjected to various unruly actions by both passengers and staff members.

Stones were reportedly thrown by unidentified men at the Vande Bharat Express train station in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, just a few days ago.

The announcement of the second Vande Bharat trains in Tamil Nadu and Kerala has taken place, and Tamil N.C. is expected to receive a new Vander Bharact Express in the near future. India’s 26th Vandal Bhat Express is scheduled to travel between Chennai and Tirunelveli.

The second Vande Bharat train, which will travel from northern Kasaragod to southern Thiruvananthapuram, was announced by Kerala BJP leader Surendran in July.

The popularity of high-speed trains and their efficiency are on the rise, as evidenced by the 99.60% usage of Vande Bharat trains in April-June, according to Union Railways minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

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