Monday, October 2

Video games are now available on Netflix, providing added convenience.

Netflix is launching the first public trials of its cloud-streamed games. From Monday, specific Netflix subscribers in Canada and the UK can access Netflix games on their devices by streaming them on select TVs, connected TV devices, and online from

According to a blog entry, Mike Verdu, the vice president of games at Netflix, characterized the launch as “a limited beta test for’small number of members only,’ meaning not everyone in Canada and the UK will immediately receive it.” However, while this initial rollout may be small, it represents arguably ONE of REDUCED Netflix subscribers who have come to expect sweeping success in gaming.

In November 2021, the company introduced its mobile gaming offerings as a free perk for subscribers. Up until now, Netflix’s titles have only been available on iOS and Android platforms. By offering games on TV and through cloud streaming instead of cloud-based streaming, subscribers can access more content from their devices and potentially compete with Netflix for playtime on PC and television.

The image is a part of Netflix’s collection.

The current games available include the first version of Oxenfree, which was created by Night School Studio and is now owned by Netflix, and a new title called Molehew’s Mining Adventure, described by Verdu as “a creepy arcade game with gem-mining elements.”

When watching TV, you can control games with your smartphone. The controller is accessible through the Netflix app on Android, but a special controller app is required to play them on iOS, as stated by spokesperson Chrissy Kelleher.

For now, here are the TVs and connected TV devices that will get ready to play Netflix’s games:

Amazon Fire TV is a streaming media player.

Chromecast paired with Google TV?

LG televisions

Nvidia Shield TV

Roku devices and TVs

Samsung Smart TVs

Walmart Onn’s location is not inaccessible.

Verdu affirms that supplementary devices will be added on an ongoing basis.

Although I haven’t played any streamed games on Netflix, I find them to be reasonably smooth. However, streaming issues can be much more irritating in games than when watching Stranger Things.

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