Wednesday, October 4

Virat Kohli is criticized as a “crazy man” by Waqar Younis, who asserts that VK will surpass all previous records.

Virat Kohli’s record-breaking run has begun, as Waqar Younis confidently declared that the Indian cricket team is on the brink of breaking Sachin Tendulkar’a in the number of ODI centuries. This was confirmed by him after his display of brilliance against Pakistan, which helped India secure their highest odi tonnage ever recorded against their neighbours.

Younis highlighted Kohli’s exceptional fitness. He felt empathy for KL Rahul, who had to keep up Kohlians running between the wickets, especially since Rahe was recovering from an injury layoff.

“I sympathized with KL Rahul, who was struggling after an injury, and had to run with someone else. He’s a crazy person who wants to be the best in every aspect of his life, whether it be playing cricket, fielding, or running between wickets,” Waqar told Star Sports.

Younis lauded Rahul for his ability to hold his own in a potentially taxing game. The innings demonstrated that Rahu is still fit and capable, with him hitting 111 runs from 106 balls.

Kohli returned to the Colombo match, scoring eight runs and providing a second half wicket to Rahul. His hard work and thoughtful on-field decisions were crucial in helping India achieve batting record 356 for 2 in 50 overs.

Despite this, Kohli is the talk of the town as he has already made history by reaching 13,000 runs in just four days, breaking Tendulkar’s record and setting a new high.

“The contrast between him and Sachin Tendulkar, who had 49 centuries, is remarkable.”

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