Friday, September 22

Watch the iPhone 15 reveal at the upcoming Apple Event in 2023 by clicking here.

The end of that excitement! Apple introduced new iPhone 15 models during its “Wonderlust” keynote on Tuesday. If you couldn’t make it to the live stream, you can still watch the event by clicking here.

The iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15, iPhone 15. Pro, and iPhone 16. Apple is rumored to be launching the next generation of iPhones with the option of titanium replacing stainless steel in favor of “Pro” models.

The titanium frames would offer several benefits, including lighter weight and thinner screen bezels. However, the appearance of the device would also differ from that of its current rival, iPhone 14. Apple’s conference attendees will not have the opportunity to see the details first.

Keep up-to-date with our coverage of the Apple Event in 2023 by reading here.

Apple’s decision to replace its Lightning port with a more conventional USB-C port is driven by EU regulation. It remains to be seen how this change will be pitched and what customers will think of the new iPhones.

In addition to the product launch, Apple may consider introducing a new version of their watch, as the company intends to refresh it annually. However, the specifics are still unclear.

Apple could briefly discuss the Vision Pro as the event usually attracts a lot of attention to its products. Meanwhile, the company is still expected to release its VR headset in the coming year.

By clicking the play button on the YouTube player, you can watch the livestream on this page, as Apple is streaming its conference on YouTube.

To view previous events and watch them again, you can access the “Apple Special Event” section on the Apple TV app.

If you don’t have an Apple TV and prefer not to use YouTube, the company offers live streaming options through the Apple Events section of its website. This video feed is compatible with all major browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.

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