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What is the estimated monthly income of K-Pop YouTube channels?

The primary points being discussed are how YouTube can be a lucrative platform for South Korean entertainment companies.

According to reports, BLACKPINK is the K-Pop girl group channel with the highest monthly earnings.

According to reports, HYBE LABELS is the company that has the highest monthly earnings.

The majority of K-Pop artists and groups created YouTube channels to upload music videos and behind-the-scenes vlogs, which helped them build a relationship with their fans and generate millions of views and subscribers, leading to financial gain.

The Twitter account @viraltakes published the estimated monthly earnings of the K-Pop YouTube channels with the most subscribed content on Wednesday.

The top three YouTube channels with the most subscribers, BLACKPINK, BANGTANTV, and HYBE LABELS, are reported to earn up to $1.5 million per month.

The top K-Pop YouTube Channels’ monthly revenue estimates (as determined by noxinfluencer):

BLACKPINK’s total revenue of $1.2 million was boosted by 9.5%.

BANGTANTV, with a price tag of 76M, has an estimated value of $526K.

With a total of 72 million units, the hydrology labs generates revenue of $1.5 million.

The total value of SMTOWN (32M) is $529K.

$780K in JYPE is equivalent to 27.6M.

The total amount of $280K earned by 1theK is 24.6 million.

The earnings of PSY (18.2M) totaled $177K.

The viral takes (@viraltakes) teamed up twice on August 8, 2023 to produce two reels.

Despite being the third channel with the most subscribers, HYBE LABELS is expected to earn an estimated $1.5 million per month, which is the highest on the list.

The HYBE LABELS channel, which is a video-streaming platform, features the music videos of various K-Pop groups and artists affiliated with Yeezy Records, including SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, Tomorrow X Together (TXT), NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, BTS, BOYNEXThUNDER, &TEAM, fromis_9 and MIDNATT.

The channel of BLACKPINK is reportedly paid $1.2 million per month on YouTube, alongside HYBE LABELS.

BLACKPINK has six videos on their channel that have received over a billion views, with the group’s “DDU-DU DDU” music video having the most views at over 2.0 billion, and also with “Kill This Love” video featuring over 1.5 billion viewers, “Boombayah” having over 2.5 billion followers, an all-time favorite dance performance called “How You Like That,” despite its popularity in the US, being among the top five with over1.4 billion hits.

With 27.6 million subscribers, JYP Entertainment’s YouTube channel is reportedly the third-highest earner on a monthly basis, with $780,000.

JYP’s artists’ music videos, video content, and reality shows are all available on the channel. This channel is home to K-Pop groups like ITZY, BOY STORY (the first female superstar in over 30 years), NMIXX, Stray Kids, TWICE, 2PM, NiziU and XDinary Heroes, among others, as well as reality series like “Nizi Project” and “A2K.”

SMTOWN and BANGTANTV, with 32 million and 76 million subscribers respectively, are reported to earn more than $520,000 per month, which is equivalent to $529,000 and $5266,000, respectively.

Following it is the Stray Kids group channel, which has 13.7 million subscribers and earns $426,000 per month on YouTube.

The channels of 1theK and TWICE are said to earn an estimated monthly income of $280,000 and $239,000, respectively.

With estimated monthly earnings of $177,000 and $106,000 respectively, PSY and BIGBANG are reportedly the ninth and tenth highest-earning K-Pop channels.

Forbes Korea reported that the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, which had 57 million subscribers in 2021, earned an estimated $16.4 million during that year, or $8.2 million per month.

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