Monday, October 2

WhatsApp now allows for screen sharing during video calls.

To improve the video-calling experience on its platform, WhatsApp has launched a new feature that allows users to share their screens and use the app to join in with other apps like Microsoft Meet, Google Meet or Zoom.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, announced a new feature on his Instagram channel and Facebook post that allows users to share documents, photos, and shopping carts with their contacts during video calls.

WhatsApp’s screen sharing feature, which was first released on Android in late May for some beta testers, allows users to tap or click the “Share” icon to share a specific app or the entire screen. This is similar to the functionality of typical video-conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom.

TechCrunch has reported that WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature is being gradually released on Android, iOS, and Windows Desktop. This means it may not be visible immediately, but should be available soon.

To provide a more expansive and immersive viewing experience, WhatsApp added support for video-calling in Landscape mode alongside screen sharing.

WhatsApp has been providing video calling services for over six years, starting in November 2016 when it was made available to all users of the instant messaging app. Nevertheless, the app is gradually improving its features to keep up with the competition. Recently, WhatsApp brought picture-in-picture support for video calls on iOS, and added the ability to share brief video messages in chats as video has always been an important medium for many users.

For a long time, screen sharing has been an integral part of video-conferencing software, including those designed for consumers. Apple’s newly launched SharePlay in 2021 allowed iOS users to share their screens natively, while WhatsApp has expanded this feature to include users on Android, iOS, and desktop.

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