Monday, October 2

When comparing the Apple Watch with Series 8 and Series 9, there are 10+ upgrades to consider.

Apple’s smartwatch series includes the Apple Watch Series 8, but how does it differ from the previous generation of the watch?

Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 8 in 2022, which had incorporated functionalities such as body temperature sensing and Crash Detection. However, since the company has discontinued the series, and year-old models are cheaper than those from third-party resellers, some customers may be considering upgrading to a discounted Series 9 or settling for the Series 8.

Should one opt to buy the Apple Watch Series 8 or stick with the Series 9 since they have the same features?

The Apple Watch Series 8 and AppleWatch Series 9 Retina display has a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits. This feature makes the device less effective in dim lighting and nighttime when used without physical contact.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is a minor upgrade from the Series 8, with major changes including Double Tap, Precision Finding, and S9 chip making it difficult to recommend upgrading.

Although the majority of Apple Watch Series 8 users cannot justify upgrading to the Series 9, some customers on older devices may opt for the latest model. This includes individuals who use a HomePod, plan to purchase an iPhone 15, and have access to Precision Finding or can use the Double Tap function without difficulty.

Most customers who are interested in upgrading their older Apple Watch may choose to purchase the AppleWatch Series 8 at a lower price point since the two models share many similarities.

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