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Who was the winner of Charity Lawson’s final rose on “The Bachelorette”?

If you haven’t watched the August 21 episode of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” Season 20 finale with Charity Lawson, make sure not to read ahead.

The star-studded Charity Lawson has announced her engagement to the public eye.

After Lawson and Xavier Bonner’s secret affair was revealed during a one-on-one meeting, the former Bachelorette star surprised her remaining men by returning to their previous suitors in surprisingly uninvited surroundings.

The final rose ceremony held by Lawson before the proposal rose event had three finalists, Bryant, Dotun Olubeko, and Joey Graziadei, among others.

After being sent home in a rose ceremony, Lawson surprised Bryant by returning. In the beginning of the finale episode, she welcomed her back into the competition, which turned her final two into three. She admitted regret to herself, but then gave him another chance to play and exchange kisses. Lawsons became more perplexed with her decision.

Lawson revealed that he had confidence in Joey and Dotun during the beginning of this week, but Aaron ended up flying with Fiji Airways. “Now, I’m determined to reconsider everything.”

Bryant’s reappearance was brief. Lawson sent her home shortly before she gave birth to her last two roses. Nevertheless, producers were likely pleased with another week of teases and an extra week filled with drama.

“Charlotte, you’re just that special of a woman,” Bryant said about the risk. “You gave me hope…I know you aren’t alone.”

Bryant will have the opportunity to compete in “Bachelor In Paradise” for another chance at love or fame, but his first trailer can be viewed here.

Despite this, Lawson’s final two goals were scored by Olubeko and Graziadei.

Upon meeting Lawson’s family, both men expressed their strong backing for Graziadei, leading to an even more perplexing confusion about her decision.

Graziadei had a heartfelt conversation with Lawson’s mother about his love for her daughter, where he expressed his belief that Joey might be the perfect partner. He also discussed interracial relationships during conversations with his sister.

Upon meeting Olubeko, it was apparent that the family had a stronger belief in Lawson’s relationship with Graziadei, as her mother and sister confirmed this point. As she prepared for upcoming engagement, Lawsons became more conflicted than previously.

Lawson was unable to decide between two men, and she expressed her frustration with the decision. She also shared that she needed support from her family members during this difficult time.

Lawson expressed his overwhelming emotions and nervousness, stating that he had no expectations of being with two people and expecting everything to be smooth.

“This is the first time in my life that I’ve been torn apart by something like this,” she added. “I’m a mess.”

Upon entering the proposal scene, Lawson is perplexed, but Graziadei is convinced that he is the right person. “I just think we have something special that she won’t be able to refuse,” remarked Grissom.

Graziadei was left heartbroken when Lawson chose Olubeko.

While hysterically crying, Lawson expressed that it would not make sense in the present moment and was struggling to express her emotions as Graziadei prepared to unveil her engagement ring. “I love you deeply…I don’t even want to think about the ending of our relationship.”

She said: ‘Graziadei came round to me, crying in peace, saying that he just wants Lawson to be happy.’ In the car she wept asking what happened to her.

Graziadei was left heartbroken when he received his “Bachelor” edit. Lawson then found another potential spouse.

The live finale on Monday night revealed that Graziadei had unexpectedly been cast as the next contestant on “The Bachelor.”

Fans had always known that Lawson and Olubeko would be the ones to win. The couple seems to have been one of the most powerful couples on Bachelor Nation in recent years.

According to Lawson, the episode highlights the excitement, simplicity, and ease of Dotun. He demonstrates that he is someone dependable and willing to do whatever it takes for him.

With a diamond sparkler from Neil Lane, Olubeko, who is 6’7 and tall, proposed to Lawson. “I love you so much!” he asked.

The Fiji fairytale was unfolding in front of a live studio audience, with Jesse Palmer, the host of “The Bachelor,” sitting beside Lawson and Olubeko.

During the live broadcast, Olubeko and Lawson expressed their desire to get married and purchase a house. Lawman added that they haven’t made any plans yet, but we’re simply enjoying life this season.

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