Wednesday, October 4

Zach Bryan, a country music artist, was apprehended in northeastern Oklahoma.

Bryan shared a statement on social media, stating that his interaction with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was emotional and caused him to feel overwhelmed.

On Wednesday, October 25th, Zach Bryan, a member of the county’s music scene, was scheduled to perform in Oklahoma. He was booked into the jail on charges of obstructing an investigation in forensic media, and Bryan reported having an accident with him.

In a social media statement, Zach Bryan, the singer of Oklahoma’s country music album, stated that he had an altercation with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and that his emotions were intense.

On Thursday, Zach Bryan, a country singer from Oologah, was arrested in Craig County on an obstruction of an investigation complaint. He was taken into custody at around 6:45 p.m. and is currently detained without charges. According to online records, Bryan expressed his dissatisfaction with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and apologized for being out of line.

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