Friday, September 22

Zach Bryan apologizes on social media after being arrested in Oklahoma.


The Oklahoma authorities released footage on Friday that captures the events leading up to country singer Zach Bryan’s arrest, which he has since apologized for.

Bryan expressed regret for the incident and apologized for it on his verified account on X, which was previously called Twitter.

The singer expressed that their incident with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was a result of emotional issues and miscommunication. They were not in agreement and apologized for their actions.

A snapshot of Zach Bryan from KTUL/Craig County Jail for booking has been captured.

“A mug shot of me is present in my room, and I was taken into custody. Please accept our prayers that I can return to my previous self and continue with my life, as well as those of the officers who brought me to jail,” Bryan expressed.

In the video, Bryan repeatedly reveals that he behaved like a child and let his emotions take over. He recounted being pulled over by police in Vinita three days ago for exceeding the speed limit. When questioned, ‘I didn’t give my address, so I was briefly handcuffed and then released with reassurance,’ according to him.

During their journey to Boston, Bryan noticed that his security guard was pulled over in Vinita on Thursday. He drove behind the two cars and after a few minutes, he exited his car when asked why it took so long. The trooper then asked him to return to his vehicle, but despite obeying the order, they were arrested.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Bryan was cautioned that he was “interfering with his police duties” and evidently aggravated by the trooper’s behavior.

In footage obtained by CNN on Friday, Bryan identifies himself as Zach Bryan and presents his security guard to the arresting officer. He also mentioned that he had recently performed two shows in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol provided a dashcam video of him saying, “I sold out the BOK twice last month,” which was captured on camera at the Tulsa-based BAK Center.

During the first traffic stop, the trooper was captured on video pulling over Bryan’s security guard. After a few minutes, Bryan exited his car and walked to the other vehicle.

“I’m curious as to why it’s taking so long,” Bryan stated to the trooper.

The trooper cautioned that if you’re hindering an officer’s performance in their duties, they should return to their vehicle or face imprisonment.

Bryan stated, “I’m going to be in jail, let’s face it.”

Bryan took complete responsibility in his video statement, labeling himself an “idiot,” referring to his behavior as childish, and vowing never to repeat it.

The Craig County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by CNN for information.

The Navy veteran’s career began in 2017 after social media users shared videos of him singing.

The New York Times reported that he received help from some Navy buddies to release his debut album, “DeAnn,” which was named after his mother’s middle name.

He has since released three more albums, including the’self-titled’ and chart-topping “I Remember Everything”, his duet with Kacey Musgraves.

Bryan expressed to The New York Times in 2022 that he was not going anywhere with his music career.

“I was not motivated by a desire to be famous or wealthy, but rather by an inner sense of urgency,” he revealed.

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