What is the price of chevrolet impala car from 2019 year?

Here are all the cars details you are looking for.

Car details

Name Details
Brand chevrolet
Model impala
Year 2019
Title status clean vehicle
Mileage 29922
Color charcoal
Vin 2g11z5saxk9120208
Lot 167801934
State north carolina
Country usa
Condition 2 days left

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Chevrolet Impala: A Timeless Classic with Modern Comfort

has been a staple in the automotive world for generations. Known for its spacious interiors, smooth ride, and powerful performance, the Impala has proven to be a reliable choice for both families and car enthusiasts alike.

Performance and Engineering

Under the hood, the Chevrolet Impala offers robust engine options that deliver efficient performance. The sedan typically comes equipped with a V6 engine that provides ample power while maintaining decent fuel economy—a balance that many drivers appreciate.

Design and Features

The Impala’s design blends classic aesthetics with modern features. With sleek lines and an aerodynamic body, the Impala cuts an impressive figure on the road. Inside, it boasts advanced technology such as touch-screen infotainment systems, smartphone integration, and driver-assist features that enhance the driving experience.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is paramount in the Chevrolet Impala, with a suite of active and passive safety features. These include multiple airbags, stability control, and available advanced features like lane departure warning and collision alert systems. The Impala’s reliability score is often highlighted in consumer reports and industry reviews.

The Impala Legacy

Over the years, the Impala brand has undergone several redesigns, each maintaining the core values of comfort and performance while adapting to the changing expectations of drivers. The car can resonate with various generations, making it a versatile and enduring model in Chevrolet’s lineup.


The Chevrolet Impala is much more than just a car; it’s a part of American automotive history. With its blend of performance, style, and comfort, it continues to be a solid choice for those who value a sedan that stands the test of time.

To learn more about the Chevrolet Impala or to schedule a test drive, visit your local dealership today.

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